So, there is a number of motivations that each of us individuals possesses and one of them is clearly, the motivation for prosocial behaviours. It is an inherent thing that we have the sense of others so-called empathy. We can feel each other and cognitively interchange each other’s bodies to live through the same experience, which provides us with a need to avoid the pain and struggle that follow throughout the life many individuals. People say that there is no altruism because it’s clearly governed by the extrinsic motivation for the pleasure of making a good deed. However, it’s our true nature to be good and compassionate towards each other and the governing power is love. Realising that we are part of a greater circle, humankind provides a distinctive framework of thoughts about the reality around us. There are organismic needs to survive such food, water etc., which extends to mental needs as the need for autonomy, competence, and relatedness. Realising that one can provide those to others demands great emotional intelligence and experiences in life. Sharing those with others meanwhile acknowledging the achievement within us, is powerful self-esteem increase on both sides. Reciprocity is a key process in all life and it stays true in humans as well. Improving yourself equals an improvement of all of us and therefore is our responsibility to ensure that we walk on the same journey happily together. Change is a fundamental process of the Earth and we can all cause minor changes contributing to a greater whole. It all starts from the fire within us and we make our own first steps. It is always nice when you walk in positivity and zest than being down because of an obstacle, that can be overcome. Allowing others to experience the same happiness creates even more within ourselves and is our root source of energy. We are all one. Peace