Living inside a box

<p><br></p><p>Sometimes we are happy, sometimes we are sad. We try to better ourselves and we try to solve issues. We try to change and we try to inspire, sometimes we are cold, sometimes we are on fire and then we aim higher. We think we think without prejudices and we think we think freely. We find ways to be creative and come up with new ideas. Ideas uninfluenced by existing ideas. That’s what we believe, we are not an idea thief. Or are we? </p><p>Whatever we do, whatever we improve, at night we still sleep under a roof. We sleep in a bed with sheets, then we wake up and feed. We brush our teeth and use a toilet, many of us are very spoiled. We go to school or we go to our job, we look outside, weather is just right. At the job or at the school, we are just one of all fools. We think we are free in our mind, but at a new idea, there is some old behind. The day we are born, we lose our freedom. We do as said by our dad and mom, for other ideas and opinions we are numb. The existing order and the existing world influences us deeply, everything is touched, except the deep seas. We can choose what we do in our life, we can simply do what is expected and what is from our birth injected. Or we ask questions to others and ourselves about things not ordered on shelves. Things not based on any existing things or ways, just a fantasy, if I may. For innovation and crazy ideas it is never too late. Just a thing, if you don’t follow like most people, it might be harder to find a date. You are found strange because you don’t just do but you are pursuing a change. </p><p>We all live in this box called Earth, under the clouds, in a tent or in a house. The norm is the cat, our life is the mouse. There are a few pursuing the new and the better, to whom others opinions don’t matter. Those individuals don’t need rituals and the insecurity of tomorrow is their blood and energy, they will not point fingers at you or she. They don’t need your approval and they will just follow their mind and believes, they will never stop believing in the possibility of worldwide peace. They might seem dreamers and idealists, but they cannot live without taking risks. The urge for improvement and a forward movement will never disappear, these people also have fear but no fear of failure. We need those weirdos, we need those strange thoughts and ideas, we need people that live on earth but outside the traditional dirt. We need those questions asked, we need them to take of our masks, we need them not to follow the masses and to observe through some special glasses. </p><p>We need guidance, not by the past but by the future, not by old habits but by new measures. Only a few have the ability to never give up and adjust their opinion and admit their mistakes, they differentiate from the fake because they know what is at stake. Daily being confronted with laughter and hate, they don’t mind, they believe and that’s why they fight. These are my heroes and my example, these are the people I believe in, because they don’t just tell what people want to be hearing and are not led by fear.&nbsp;</p>