Lets make the world great again

We, the people, could achieve the world, if we really want to. We look back, are around now and live in the future. We stopped enjoying, we just use and wait for the next new thing to amaze. The next thing that’s better, faster and more slick. We think we need it as a primary living need. Every spare and unfortunately also a lot of not spare time we spent on our smartphone, it’s winning the race for people’s best friend. It has become the most common sight in a train, in a bar, in a bus and lots of times while driving. There is no question about the fact, that we basically create the demand for self-driving vehicles. They better come soon, so we can be safe again. As we speak probably most of our governments try to come up with measurement to lower smartphone usage behind the steering wheel, our bosses worry about usage of our smartphone while working. When you use your smartphone while you are driving, your attention is focused on the wrong activity, you know?! So what will you do about it? Most people don’t do anything about it, the urge to check that latest news, newest video of their favorite artist or sent an message home, ‘’ hi babe, I’m home in 10 minutes’’, ‘’what do we eat?”, is bigger than the voice telling us it’s unsafe. Not only then we misuse our smartphone, we do that all the time. However, almost nobody feels that they misuse their smartphone at all. Do we need to know by all times, what our online friends are doing? Where they travel, what they do and eat? Do we need to play the online games, do we need to check some video’s all the time? When we are together with friends, do we need to go online and check out other people’s lives? Couldn’t we just spent our time on the friends which you actually can see and could touch. Option two seems more attractive to me personally. It almost seems that many people find it more interesting to live the here and now not from themselves, but from everybody around online. Their own life here and now, they again share with all the others so they can stay up-to-date too. The perception that everybody needs to know as much as possible about as many people as possible is created by ourselves. We gain almost no personal advantage from our sharing and following. We lose track of the really important things, important things you mostly find in your direct surroundings. Things you will most likely miss because your attention and time is spend far away, somewhere online probably. I don’t think smartphones are bad, I don’t think they should get banned, I don’t think the internet is a bad thing and I am fully behind technology. But, there’s one problem, we don’t know how to use technology. We sure gained lots of positive things from all developments in technology, most of all, it made our lives easier and more manageable. Our smartphone is our diary, our mailbox, our radio, our navigation, it orders food, sets your temperature before you arrive home, makes pictures and is becoming your personal atm. Unthinkable for most people to miss his smartphone, life’s not possible without it. Life’s possible without it for sure, and we should all know this. Life was possible before the invention of the smartphone. I don’t think it is a good idea for everybody to get rid of their smartphone, but I think it is the greatest idea to start using our smartphones and other tools in a way, that we only benefit from them. We use them to accomplish what we need and want, and then enjoy in real life from what we achieved. We use it to gain more spare time, we can now manage so many things from home, or wherever you are. We don’t have to go physically to the bank to send somebody money, we don’t have to go to the post office to send a letter, most things we can achieve with just one or a couple clicks. The time we gain because of this, we then spent a lot on bullshit. We could spent it without our smartphone and then start enjoying what we achieved with it, we could start enjoying our surroundings. Unfortunately we feel kind of incomplete without our smartphone and carry it all the time and everywhere and in the end we end up looking on it again. If only we could eliminate phase 2 of the usage. We should think more about using our smartphone correctly and try to use it only when we really need it. Our life can be great too without everybody knowing about it. And that gives us more time and more possibilities to fully enjoy the moment. The ones we care the most about, will eventually share our memories. We should start keeping track of our own lives again, I’m sure we will become happier and better people in a better world.