Diversion and cursing

<p>Today’s world is a weird scene, things are happening we have never seen. We gain trust and we lose confidence at the same time. For this, we can mainly thank our leaders. Some are fine, some are whine. We are losing balance and focus on things that should be irrelevant. Like Trump, nearly two years as the American president, the most out of place White House resident. Trump causes sacrifices, like an economic crisis. Development is impossible without stable leadership, therefore we should reassess what we can do about this mess. Important theme’s get lost under all the BS, but that’s not the way we should show our kids how to sustain this world. We hear about fights, about complete continents trying to get untied. We have BREXIT, we have terrorism. We keep pointing fingers and keep accusing. But better for our future would be fusion, not all this confusion. Despite all of the strange things happening and the instability, we seem to have no fear. Mortgages and leasing is way to teasing. We overpay for houses like it is 2006 again, oh man. I hope I am wrong, but to me it sounds like the 2007 song again. We have so little grip at our future at this moment, we all should make sensible considerations. Just keep accepting what they reach us, is not how we secure our own future. In the end, every being answers for his own actions and faces the potential consequences. So keep your eyes and ears open, use the brain and keep sane. &nbsp;</p>